Inequality, justice, equity--modern society struggles with these values, and the media, politicians, economists, and artists address income and inequality as if it's a new issue. Anyone who reads the Bible or even Charles Dickens knows these issues have been part of human society throughout recorded history. At common law, judges developed the concept of equity to do the right thing.
The elite propose income transfer schemes and government control designed to protect and insulate the elite and keep the poor indebted to them. Some of the worst abuses have been inflicted on Native Americans or American Indians.
Now the elite have incurred massive debts that leave entire nations (and their citizens) vulnerable to a different kind of rule of equity--domination by creditors, foreign and domestic.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cobell settlement

Those who have read the book are somewhat familiar with the Cobell settlement. Here's an update on what is actually happening. 

Cobell Land Buyback Just a Dangling Carrot

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Excerpt: Well, now we are finally in the midst of the Cobell Land Buy Back Program (“LBBP”) implementation, I’m wondering “did anything really happen? Cobell settled for $3.4 billion, including stipends for the lead plaintiffs, copy.9 billion for the LBBP to be used by tribes to acquire “highly fractionated interests” in individual Indian lands, attorney and consultant costs capped at copy00 million, and copy.4 billion to Individual Indian Monies account owners. Wow, $3.4 billion was awarded and a maximum of copy.4 billion to be distributed to the class members and now turning into a question of when will it actually happen. Individual Indians are having carrots dangled in front of them only to have it jerked back and rescheduled.

For the BIA's perspective:

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