Inequality, justice, equity--modern society struggles with these values, and the media, politicians, economists, and artists address income and inequality as if it's a new issue. Anyone who reads the Bible or even Charles Dickens knows these issues have been part of human society throughout recorded history. At common law, judges developed the concept of equity to do the right thing.
The elite propose income transfer schemes and government control designed to protect and insulate the elite and keep the poor indebted to them. Some of the worst abuses have been inflicted on Native Americans or American Indians.
Now the elite have incurred massive debts that leave entire nations (and their citizens) vulnerable to a different kind of rule of equity--domination by creditors, foreign and domestic.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ten Overdue Headlines

Indian Country Today published an article about ten headlines they'd like to see. Many of them come true in the novel, The Rule of Equity. 

What do you think? Would you like to see these headlines?

Here they are:

1. President Obama Forces Government to Honor All Treaties
In a stunning move by the President Barack Obama has decided to honor all of those old Native American treaties created throughout history. President Obama also told all of those affected Native Americans, “to get ready to move back to your ancestral lands, get paid back for all of those resources used over the years and check all of your mailboxes tomorrow for a big, fat check.”
2. Snyder Agrees Redskins is Offensive

3. US Department of Education Agrees to Teach True History

4. Native American Stereotypes and Misappropriation Video Gets 7 billion Hits

5.  ‘Stop Trying to Be Native American’ Hipster Movement Takes Over 

6. Notorious Social Media Commenter Apologizes for Anti-Native Comments

7. Native American Heritage Month Will Be Honored on National TV and Popular Sites

8.  State Governors Agree to Stay Out of Tribal Affairs

9.  Columbus Day Cancelled—Now Native Americans Day

10.  Redskins, Chiefs and Braves to Participate in Change the Mascot Day


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